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Grado is not only beach life. Sun, sand and sea go hand in hand with History, Art and Culture.

Summer in Grado

Hotel Abbazia Grado is located in the heart of the pedestrian area of the city in Italy, 5 minutes from the beach, the historical centre and the docks. It is the place to stay for a holiday in the Island Of Sun. Relaxed atmosphere, excellent customer service and the warm hospitality of a family run business, these are all trademarks of our Hotel which will guarantee you a pleasant and unforgettable sojourn.

The Isle of Sun...in Friuli

Grado Italy: treat yourself to a new accommodation experience in the privacy of a fabulous seafront Hotel Abbazia in Grado Italy. For your business and pleasure trips.

Grado is known as the Isle of Sun, but you can find also history, art and culture. Near Grado you''l find the archeological Roman excavations and the masterpieces of the early Christianity of Aquileia, can be found just a few miles away from Grado, as well as the town of Trieste, with its Miramare and Duino castles. Udine is another town nearby offering a lot to be seen, with its Tiepolo paintings and the loggias in the pedestrian centre. Longobard Cividale and Gorizia are a stone's throw away too, and also Redipuglia and Gradisca, the fortress-town of Palmanova, where wine is produced amongs the gentle Collio hills, the Carso mountains, the Giulie Alps and Venice… Need we say more?
People who are into aquatic sports can enjoy sailing, windsurf and rowing.. Tennis , Minigolf, golf, bowls games, fantastic bicycle excursions…. can also be enjoyed.

The Hotel Grado Italy is close to golf courses and a 5 minute walk from the historical centre.

The lagoon of Grado: one of the most enchanting places of the whole Adriatic Sea.

Sailing along the canals surrounding the two hundreds islands is an exciting experience. Here in the silence, gently broken by lapping water, you will enjoy the flight of the seagulls and sea swallows, in the golden light of the sunset…

With its fragile ecosystem, rich in fauna and woody essences, the lagoon of Grado is the precious keeper of two naturalistic reserves: Valle Cavanata, a humid area with more than 260 species of migrant volatiles, and Foce dell’Isonzo, the last 15 kilometers of Isonzo river before it reaches the sea.

Nature and Culture

Nature mixes with history and tradition.
Several archeological evidences prove that these places were well-known from the Roman Age till the end of the X Century when fishing was the only resource for the majority of the local population.

The Grado lagoon

Visiting the Grado lagoon, our guests have the feeling time has stopped. In between land and sea, the Valli da Pesca , are an oasis of relaxation, a haven of pure light where storks thrive and lead the visitor to a landscape of unadulterated nature.
Here you will find the famous "casoni" of the lagoon: straw-roofed sheds which can be a shelter for fishermen, intimate silence lovers, or simply whoever enjoys the uncomplicated aspects of life and piece. This is an unforgettable experience which will put you back in touch with nature, something enjoyable by both kids and grown-ups.

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