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In our Restaurant the traditional meals of Grado and Friuli go side by side with the delicate pleasures of the finest International cuisine.

Abbazia Hotel Restaurant

At Hotel Abbazia you can choose whether to opt for a room-only service, which includes a rich and refreshing breakfast buffet, or you can let yourself be pampered by the genuine flavours of our mediterranean cuisine. 

Fresh fish is the main ingredient, but you will also find a great variety of starters and salads, accompanied by bread baked on the premises and scrumptuous patisserie delicatessen, also freshly prepared by our own bakers.
The wine selection is also one of our strong points, making our restaurant another valid reason to stay with us.

Hotel Abbazia Via C.Colombo, 12 Grado GO 34073 Italy +39 0431 80038 +39 0431 81722 info@hotel-abbazia.com 00309760312 http://www.hotel-abbazia-grado.com/assets/logo.png